What is The Coffee Fix?

As successful entrepreneur Darron “Don Pablo” Burke travels the world to grow his coffee company, he discovers budding small businesses in each destination to lend his experience, expertise and resources to in an effort to help them succeed.

“The Coffee Fix” is an hour-long, self-contained, docu-leaning hybrid reality show that offers a unique glimpse inside the exotic and colorful world of coffee growing and roasting.  It follows Don Pablo, often accompanied by his niece Jessenia and wife Eliana, on coffee-related ventures around the globe, showcasing the cultures and personalities surrounding the industry.  However, the true focus of “The Coffee Fix” is entrepreneurship as Don Pablo, a small business entrepreneur himself and former teacher of the subject, offers his help to intriguing small businesses in each of the locales that he visits.

In Episode 1, we travel with Don Pablo to the vibrant city of Antigua, Guatemala.  He visits a local coffee farm with a reputation for growing some of the finest Arabica beans in the region.  On the trip, as he explores the stunning sites of Antigua, he encounters a family of Mayan street vendors.  He learns about their difficulties selling textiles in the streets and how most tourists prefer to buy in a store rather than be approached on the sidewalks by a stranger.  So Don Pablo decides to set them up in a retail store and see if he can give them the push they need, through both professional advice and financial investment, to help them sustain and grow their own business.

Each subsequent episode would unfold in similar fashion.  The viewer gets to visit exciting destinations around the world, with countries on the docket including China, Colombia, England, Jamaica, Brazil, Portugal and more.  They get to experience some of the local attractions, learn a little about the coffee business, and at the same time take a peek inside the lives of local entrepreneurs.  These entrepreneurs will be selected by Don Pablo because he sees the potential in their business venture and identifies ways in which he may be able to help.  We will learn about the challenges they face, route for them to succeed, and learn from them when they don’t.

“The Coffee Fix” presents this world to the viewer in a documentary style but with an artist’s eye.   We are like first-time visitors with Don Pablo as our guide, appreciating the beauty that each of these distinctive destinations has to offer, but never taking our eye off the human drama.  “The Coffee Fix” is about the universal motivation behind entrepreneurship, the desire to become something more, something better, to reach toward becoming your best self.  “The Coffee Fix” strives to document this very human journey.

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